Rental Fabric And Color Options

Maryland Productions provides a wide range of IFR and FR fabrics from delicate translucent sheers to lush and luxurious heavyweight encore. All of our drape will enhance and elevate your special occasion, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The colors presented below are Maryland Productions Drape fabric and color options. 



Durable, opaque and wrinkle-resistant brushed polyester velour. Deep pile fabric with superb draping quality.


Lightweight, brushed polyester velour with a mottled finish. Economical alternative to heavier fabrics.


Deep pile, luxurious polyester woven/knitted velour. Beautiful fabric with premium draping quality.


Lightly woven, cotton-like polyester muslin. Great for lighting effects both front and back.


Elegant sheer polyester, used alone or as an overlay. Great for lighting effects.


Lightweight, shimmery polyester with natural crinkles. Ideal for use as decorative treatment.


Lightweight polyester fabric with a slightly shiny finish. Economical drape, typically used for trade show booths.


Lightweight polyester with a slight matte finish.